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~ T  E  R  M  S ~
Used In Item Descriptions



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~ T  E  R  M  S ~
O f    S a l e

Buyer accepts this seller's stated auction terms of sale, in their entirety, and agrees to prepay the final auction price of this advertised item PLUS the stated shipping price, as applicable to buyer's location.

~ Payment Methods Accepted ~

United States: Money order, cashiers check, personal check (with hold - see below), or credit/debit card through PayPal® .

Other Countries: International money order, cashiers check, or credit/debit card through PayPal® . All payments are to be in U.S. Dollars only. Additional shipping and/or banking charges may apply to international orders and are the responsibility of buyer. Inquire in advance via e-mail for quotes dependent on your world location.

Personal Check payment is gladly accepted from U.S. customers only, with merchandise shipping after bank clearance period of 10 to 14 days. This hold may be waived, at seller's discretion. Any other form of payment appearing questionable may be subject to same hold or possible refusal, with buyer promptly notified of such need.

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~ Actions & Policies ~

End of Auction Confirmation: An official auction winner e-mail will be sent to the winning bidder within 24 hours after auction ends. If no confirmation is received from buyer within 72 hours after auction ends, seller then reserves the right to offer this item to the next highest bidder or sell this item at another time and/or venue. Buyer may feel free to e-mail recognition first.

Payment in Full: must be received from buyer within 10 days of auction end date, with exceptions made only for mail delay or by prior arrangements with this seller. Payment fraud will be reported to proper authorities for prosecution.

This seller WILL leave Neutral or
Negative feedback for slow paying or non-paying buyers.

Refund Policy: All sales are final with no warranties of any kind from this seller. Refunds are only given for shipping damage, theft, or loss covered by shipping insurance, or other rational reasons for buyer's dissatisfaction with item(s), that this seller considers valid and agreeable to.

Refunds for these exceptions must be accompanied with buyer providing damaged/unwanted merchandise and shipping fees, for return to shipping provider and/or this seller. Return shipping costs may be reimbursed to buyer, if this seller believes it warranted and agrees in doing so.

All bidders are welcome, unless possessing excessive
negative feedback. (5% or more of total feedback)

Miscellaneous: This seller not to be held liable for errors within item descriptions, that were unintentional and made while operating in a manner of good faith. All item(s) pictures, descriptions, and condition are accurate and detailed, to the best of this seller's abilities.

This seller has made every reasonable effort to determine legality and safety of this merchandise. After purchase, buyer is legally responsible for this item(s) possession, use and/or abuse leading to personal injury, or violation of any applicable local, city, state, national, or international laws.

Buyers not honoring above terms of sale may have bid
declared void and/or receive appropriate and
detailed feedback, from this seller.

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